eMaxx launches Customer Centric Platform for Variable Cost Captive Programs

eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies (eMaxx), a provider of insurance program administration, risk management, and technology, today launched a customer centric technology platform for its variable cost captive programs. The platform provides a centralized source for customers to manage their own insurance and risk management program through the power of technology. eMaxx’s sister company eTechnology Services developed the technology platform and will be available to other insurance companies for licensing.

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Transforming business continuity for the hybrid workplace

Transforming Business Continuity for the Hybrid Workplace. One of the important new imperatives for IT is to reframe how to view business continuity. The traditional IT metrics around business continuity are no less important than they have ever been: uptime, availability of applications and data, backup, recovery and disaster recovery. 

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How Consolidation Is Reshaping Trucking’s Technology Sector

How Consolidation Is Reshaping Trucking’s Technology Sector. Consolidation has dramat­ically reshaped trucking’s technology market over the past decade, with dozens of software and telematics companies joining forces to create larger organizations with expanded capabilities and broader reach.

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Top 10 cybersecurity lessons learned one year into the pandemic

In 2020, chief information security officers (CISOs), chief information officers (CIOs), and their cybersecurity teams faced a digital pandemic of breaches, widespread supply chain attacks, and ingenious uses of human engineering to compromise enterprise systems. Bad actors were quick to capitalize on the chaos the COVID-19 pandemic created in order to compromise as many valuable enterprise systems as possible.

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