The Essence of Strategy Is Now How to Change

When environments are complex and dynamic, strategy is about adaptability. A fundamental assumption underlying traditional approaches to strategy is that industry boundaries and economics remain broadly stable over time.

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The importance of a business continuity strategy in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world as we know it; increasing the shift to remote and virtual business models for organizations around the globe. This new paradigm shift has impacted the way people work, access data, and collaborate, as well as their overall view on life-work balance.

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Telematics offers hope in improving driver safety

View source: Jonathan Reiber Today, more than ever, companies have the ability to enable safer driving behaviors through the latest in telematics and video monitoring technology. Fatal accidents are a tragic occurrence for all parties involved. The transportation...

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Better safety systems could help Fleets avoid nuclear verdicts

 Within the trucking industry, legal battles over road accidents are nothing new. However, verdicts in trucking accidents have steadily become more costly, partly due to the legal environment that incentivizes lawsuits. This has led to the nuclear verdicts of today in which a jury awards over $10 million in compensation, crippling many fleets and forcing several to bankruptcy. 

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Keeping pace with the Technology behind digital transformation

With enterprises moving rapidly to a remote working model, the tools that workers use to meet business goals are changing, too. While there has been constant evolution and development of existing tools, the past eight months have accelerated the development of many apps and platforms, particularly those used for communications and remote collaboration.

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How Telematics can boost fleet safety while lowering costs

It is time for the insurance and transportation industries to take a more efficient, data-driven operational approach to fleet management.

Every vehicle fleet operator wants to increase safety and decrease costs, but these can sometimes seem like competing priorities

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Tech update: New mobile tools help fleets improve driver experience

Technology makes it possible for motor carriers to put tight controls on load planning and routing and to keep close tabs on driver safety and performance. The downside of having such high levels of virtual control is that drivers can feel micromanaged and may choose to work elsewhere.

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Creating a Safer COVID-Era Workplace with Technology

Manufacturing leaders have always prioritized workplace safety. It is part of the culture, mindset, and even a driver of the industry’s technological innovations. Recent Capgemini research shows that 59% of manufacturing organizations scaling AI say they have done so specifically to prevent failures, defects, and safety critical events.

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Why technology is the key to a safe and productive post-Covid-19 workplace

As businesses return to work, here are the key technologies that can help keep employees safe and productive, post Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic threw the world for a loop. Virtually overnight, everything about the way businesses operated — from sales and service to fabrication and delivery — changed. Over the following weeks and months, businesses and organizations eventually found their bearings as they worked with customers, partners, and health experts to navigate the most widespread global health crisis in generations.

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