How AI Changes the Rules

New Imperatives for the Intelligent Organization.  About this paper: Many leaders are excited about AI’s potential to profoundly transform organizations by making them more innovative and productive.

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Four Cybersecurity Tips every small business can implement

For a long time, there was an assumption that cybercrime and data breaches were only a problem for government establishments and large corporations. Smaller businesses felt secure in the assumption that cybercriminals only went after the big guns. However, this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s also a big part of why the cybersecurity of so many small businesses is lacking.

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The reality of Technology integration

Often, fleets add telematics devices or driver coaching aids to their truck once it is in their possession. Then, they, too, must grapple with technology integration. In a perfect world everything goes smoothly, but reality can be much different. 

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