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How immersive technology can revolutionize risk control in insurance

View source: Steve Lipinski  Insurers are discovering the value of immersive technology to help address current risk control “pain points” in some key areas. It’s clear that technology has helped businesses and people around the world adapt to life during the COVID-19...

The future of Telematics is within reach

View Source: Dr. William Bain Telematics is the key to taming the demands today's complex logistics networks and real-time digital twins will undoubtedly play an important role in helping telematics accomplish this task. Sitting at the intersection of...

Telematics offers hope in improving Driver safety

View Source: Marco Encinas Today, more than ever, companies have the ability to enable safer driving behaviors through the latest in telematics and video monitoring technology. Fatal accidents are a tragic occurrence for all parties involved. The transportation...

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