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How Telematics can improve worksite productivity

View source Collect data to keep your fleet and heavy machinery working as efficiently as possible. Telematics technology is becoming a staple among businesses that use fleets of vehicles and heavy machinery. Telematics is more than just GPS tracking; it’s tech that...

8 Tips for better communication skills

View source Creating and cultivating a safety culture is one of the most effective ways to protect employees and ensure a safe workplace. But building a safety culture can be difficult. It takes time, effort, and commitment from everyone in the organization A lot of...

13 Key ways organizations can improve their managers’ effectiveness

View source By providing ongoing support, leadership can ensure that managers have the tools and resources to succeed. Great managers are critical to the success of an organization. These managers sometimes step into the role already possessing innate traits and...

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eTech Services is a technology solutions provider focused exclusively on the insurance vertical.

Our strong domain expertise has allowed us to create customizable products that address both operational and client facing business needs.

Products are designed to streamline procedures, improve decision making processes, and drive results.