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Smart fleet management is becoming increasingly important for today’s mobility players. Margins are often thin and the complexity of business operations with modern, connected and often electric vehicles is hard to manage at the best of times. Many forecasters believe the long-term future of transport will see the majority of vehicles accessed, not owned, and that means even more responsibility for fleet managers.

Helping to navigate the complexity of fleet management is Italian technology specialist Targa Telematics. It has two decades of experience under its belt, developing telematics for fleet management, asset management, stolen vehicle recovery, emergency call services, telemetry, insurance telematics, and car-sharing. It has worked closely with automakers like FCA and since 2018 has provided it with a digital platform to enable fleet managers and car owners to monitor vehicle usage status in real time, receive alerts for possible theft or tampering and improve vehicle management, as well as the driving experience and driver safety.

As Chief Executive Nicola De Mattia explains, it’s all about extracting value from the data collected, an ability that will be crucial for the successful development of smart mobility solutions.