5 Reasons dash cams are a good idea

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There are many reasons why having dash cams is a good idea, but we were surprised by how many benefits you get from having a dash cam beyond safety.

Dash cams record all the footage of your driving, providing evidence if you ever get into an accident or traffic stop dispute. The best dash cams record the car’s interior and exterior and the occupants’ audio so all bases are covered. But this is only one aspect of dash cams that just make sense.

Here are 5 reasons why dash cams are a good idea.

Have the Evidence

The main reason to get a dash cam is to have proof of what happened if you are in an accident. Video evidence is usually clear-cut compared to unreliable eyewitness accounts and can prove who was really at fault. It can often prevent costly legal battles, unnecessary insurance claims, or even jail time in some cases.

Find Peace of Mind

It’s no secret that younger drivers are often reckless, and dash cams are a perfect way for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ driving. With video evidence, parents can see where their kids went, how good their driving was, and even see who they were with if there’s an internal camera. Monitoring your children’s driving behaviors adds an extra layer of security that previously wasn’t available to parents before this technology was invented.

Traffic Disputes

There’s no more arguing with police at traffic stops about what really happened if you have a dash cam. Having a dash cam can prove you weren’t driving over the speed limit and confirm that you really stopped completely at a stop sign. If the dash cam has audio recording capabilities it can also record the interaction as evidence of any misconduct from either party.

Crime Detection

Dash cam footage can be used as evidence if someone tried to steal or vandalize your car. Some dash cams have motion detection technology that starts recording if the car is approached or gets bumped, and they automatically upload the footage to the cloud. The owner can then share the information with the police and maybe recover their property, or insurance agencies to possibly get compensation for their lost goods.

Relive the Memories

Sometimes it’s just good to sit back and watch a video of the epic road trip you took with your friends. The dash cam will record all the stunning scenery, dangerous roads, and wildlife you drive past. And if you’re recording audio, you can relive the conversations you had on the road. You can then save it and share it with your loved ones, even years later.

As you can see, there are plenty of reason why having dash cams in your vehicles is a good idea. Compare the newest models on our best dash cams list to see which one’s right for you.