Is Safety A Priority At Your Work?

Safety should be a top priority regardless of where you work. In the workplace, everyone is just trying to do their job and do it well and sometimes, especially when things get very busy, we focus more on completing a task quickly rather than doing it the right way.

In 2015, there were over 4,800 workers killed on the job due to accidents. In 2016 there were nearly 3 million people injured while at work. These numbers are staggering and what makes them even more frustrating is the fact that many of them could have been avoided. That’s why when you take a look at your company, you need to ask these very important questions:

  • How much training is given to new employees? When you hire someone new how much time is given to them to properly teach them the way you want a task to be completed?
  • How much training is provided to current employees?
  • Are the managers and team leaders making safety a priority?
  • What tools are you using to monitor work? Are you using telematics to monitor your drivers or something else to make sure that everything is being done correctly?

How much time, money and frustration could have been avoided last year if proper safety protocol was followed? That’s why it’s important to make sure that your business is implementing routine training for new and experienced workers while also making safety a top priority.