5 Things You Need To Know For a Safe Halloween

Halloween is a fun time with candy, costumes, games, and some excitement. Being prepared and having a plan are great ways to ensure that you and your family have a happy and safe Halloween. Here are some safety tips for the holiday:

1. Teamwork

If your kids are old enough to trick or treat on their own, make sure that they are accompanied by friends. The buddy system is very important, and it allows you to communicate with the parents of other kids in the group to know where they are.

2. Standout

When picking a costume make sure that you stand out in dark areas. You can either wear something that lights up or any color that is easy to see when you are walking around at night.

3. Keep a clear path

Make sure that there is a clear path and it’s not impeded with decorations, furniture, or any other obstacle.

4. Check the candy

When your kids return from trick or treating, make sure that you take a few minutes to inspect the candy. If anything seems to have been opened or was not wrapped and sealed correctly then discard it.

5. Check your insurance

Call your insurance company and make sure you are protected for circumstances like fire from candles, vandalism, someone falling on your property, dog bites, or other accidents.

Having a game plan is never a bad idea. Making sure everyone knows which route to take, where they are going, and who they are with will help to keep everyone safe.


Photo: Adobe Stock