Technology is continuously becoming critical in the claims investigation process especially to exposure exaggerated and fraudulent injuries. Authentic4D is a medical software company that has become an important solution in the claims investigation process.

Authentic4D translates radiologic images (MRI, CT, X-ray) into actual, easy-to-understand, court admissible evidence into 3D to aid insurance carriers in communicating exaggerated or non-existent injuries pre-suit or during any phase of litigation. Authentic4D enables greater comprehension of CT or MRI scans for PIP, Bodily Injury or Workers Comp Gases. Their product offering can assist attorneys, insurance adjusters, mediators, arbiters, or jurors.

Similar to a surveillance video, Authentic4D uses images to tell the true story of the case. This can significantly lower the value of the claims and litigation costs, enable faster case resolution and empower adjusters to improve their reserve estimates.

Many automotive insurance carriers have found a growing increase in exaggerated and fraudulent injuries. Authentic4D is a resources that can help to attack these fraudulent claims at the onset and reduce the overall costs of claims.