View source: David Sickels

Samsara has released new data that the company says shows that industrial organizations are turning to data insights from technology solutions and A.I. to address the needs of a shifting workforce.

Organizations across the world of physical operations, including transportation, logistics and warehousing, have been experiencing a surge in demand. Meanwhile, labor shortages in these same industries are also at an all-time high. Companies have been offering both financial and non-financial incentives to attract and retain scarce talent throughout 2021. Now, they are facing the additional pressure of a fast-approaching holiday season, which experts anticipate will further increase demand and exacerbate these existing challenges, Samsara says.

Using cohort analysis to control for growth in customer count, Samsara analyzed aggregated data from thousands of customers to show how industrial organizations are addressing demands and building a new, more digitized workforce. Key findings from this analysis, according to the company, include:

  • On average, Samsara logged more than 12 million vehicle location data points per customer in the first nine months of 2021—a 46% year-over-year (YOY) increase.
  • Samsara saw a 300% YOY increase in API pings to its Connected Operations Cloud. A vast portion of these pings are going to and from Samsara and various transportation management systems (TMSs), helping companies streamline processes and communications related to compliance, routing and dispatch.
  • Samsara saw a 48% YOY increase in daily active users of its mobile Driver App, as well as a 100% YOY increase in usage of its digital Documents feature.
  • ISamsara saw a 13% YOY increase in A.I. detections per 1,000 miles driven from its vehicle dash cams, as well as a 129% increase so far this year in A.I. detections from its site security cameras per customer.