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Platform provides Risk Management, Claims and Insurance Resources

eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies (eMaxx), a provider of insurance program administration, risk management, and technology, today launched a customer centric technology platform  for its variable cost captive programs. The platform provides a centralized source for customers to manage their own insurance and risk management program through the power of technology. eMaxx’s sister company eTechnology Services developed the technology platform and will be available to other insurance companies for licensing.

“No business likes paying insurance premiums to insurance companies,” said Kevin Seth, President of eTechnology Services. “Our objective is to deliver state of the art technology to improve our customers experience and provide value added services that will drive down their insurance.”

Through the Customer Centric Platform, customers have access to insurance policies, program documents, historical exposures, claims details including access to the adjusters’ notes, real time billing information and have the ability to make payments. Customers that are members of the variable cost captive programs can view their fund performance and profitability. Risk Management capabilities include telematics rankings, driver files management, MVR monitoring and online learning through eLive Connect.

“There is no insurance company in the market that has this technology platform,” Michael Penza, President, Samuel Coraluzzo Company, Inc. “It truly provides the tools that customers need today to manage its risk management and insurance program.”

“eMaxx continues to stay ahead of the curve,” James Townsend, President, Townsend Energy, Inc. “A variable cost captive program combined with this technology provides the ability for my company to have control over the outcome of insurance costs.”

eMaxx acts as the sponsor of eCaptiv, a Vermont domiciled captive reinsurance company that is organized to provide protected cells reinsurance support. Programs today are focused on the energy industry and emergency roadside assistance providers that are affiliated with AAA. eMaxx has created proprietary technology platforms that reinforce and positively impact driver behavior including the Telematics Exchange ™ that integrates telematics data from multiple service providers, and eLive Connect, an online learning program. Recent announcements include Amy Lussier as Chief Financial Officer of eMaxx and the appointment of Governor Mary Fallin-Christensen to the Board of Directors.

About eMaxx

eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies, Inc. is an InsurTech that has four operating companies. The companies include: eMaxx Insurance Services, LLC (Insurance Program Administrator), eCaptiv (Vermont- Domiciled Captive Insurance Company), eRisk Solutions, LLC (Loss Prevention / Safety, Claims Investigational & Oversight, and Litigation Management) and eTech Services, LLC (Loss Expense Reducing Technology Systems and Platforms including Telematics Exchange ™ and eLive Connect). More information can be found at:

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