Source: Hayley Pink

A quarter of operators have still not tapped into the potential of using telematics on their HGV fleets, according to new fleet management research commissioned by Commercial Motor, Motor Transport and Fraikin.

Those reporting they did not use telematics at all on their trucks predominantly comprised smaller operators running up to five vehicles.

Whereas at the largest end of the operator scale, 100% of those running 500 trucks or more deployed telematics systems to some degree.

Operators reported a near 50:50 divide when it came to whether or not they used a single telematics provider for their fleets, or a mix of systems.

However one-third of those not using a single provider felt they were therefore not able to extract the full benefits of the telematics data obtained.

“Telematics systems have long since moved on from simple vehicle tracking and they are now providing access to incredible amounts of data designed to maximise operational efficiency, increase driver safety and improve vehicle reliability,” said Fraikin fleet management account director Lorraine Sculley.

“We are at the beginning of an exciting new chapter where data, and how we use it, will make the difference in efficiency and profitability.”

The new research report, ‘Fraikin Fleet Management Operator Survey‘, aims to drill into the current trends and challenges facing haulage businesses today.

It covers topics ranging from the driver shortage, Earned Recognition and fleet utilization, through to uptake of telematics and connected vehicle technology.

You can download the full report free of charge.