By: Don Houde

Looking for a solution to train employees onsite? Our Mobile Training Center can be brought to your location to reduce overall expenses.

High quality training at an affordable price, providing a better opportunity to train employees and have less down time.  The training is a valuable resource with the ability to teach both classroomand hands-on curriculum which provides cognitive and visual aids to increase the retention of the training. This will benefit the company by increasing the level of training for your employees with tangible results you can see that will set you apart from competitors.

From defensive driving and backing safety, to rollover prevention and emergency maneuvers, the simulators allow drivers to train in a safe, cost-effective environment to help prepare for and develop planned reactions to dangerous situations that may occur.

Current Available Trainings

  • Defensive Driving
  • Rollover Prevention
  • Backing Safety
  • Winter Driving
  • Route Risk Analysis
  • Hazard Perception

Current Visual Databases

  • Highway
  • Suburban
  • Rural
  • Mountain Pass
  • Skid Pad
  • Hazard Perception


Contact your Regional Safety Manager for more information.


Don Houde is the Regional Vice President of Loss Prevention & Safety – Midwest for eRisk Solutions.