What Is Telematics?

Telematics is a great tool for companies in the transportation industry. Vehicles are tracked and the information gathered can be used to improve safety and reduce waste of fuel and time. It will also help to improve efficiency within a company.

Know the Facts

Many believe that the highest rate of accidents belong to teenagers, but that actually isn’t the case. In fact, individuals between the ages of 25-45 are involved in accidents at a rate of 3 to 1 when compared to teenagers. The data shows that distracted driving can be connected to a vast majority of these incidents.

Distracted driving includes text messaging, talking on the phone or to someone else in the car, reading a billboard, eating and drinking, smoking, listening to music, and more. It’s a problem that caused nearly 400,000 people to get injured in auto accidents last year. Over 40% of transportation accidents that result in a fatality are work-related meaning someone was driving to work or making deliveries.

How to Fix the Problem

Technology and training are proven methods to reducing mistakes and improving driver behavior. Many companies have incorporated mandatory safe driver training classes for their employees. New employees go through the classes and then it becomes mandatory to take a refresher course every 6-12 months.

As far as telematics goes, the data provided will help you to show drivers where they need to improve. This can include routes taken and improving familiarity with new technology in the vehicle to eliminate confusion and distraction from the road.

Not only will companies benefit from a safer driver record but it will also cut down on fuel costs, improve customer relations, increase productivity, and reduce operating expenses overall. These small but important changes can drastically improve your company from multiple areas.