“A new class of cyber criminals is targeting companies’ private information”

As technology continues to advance and new forms of cyber security, hackers are simultaneously advancing their own tactics for breaking into these systems. Cyber hacking has become less of means for getting fast money and more of a business tactic to gain access to accounts and collect information that will continue to pay out long term. While we work hard to protect our own personal information, it does not necessarily have to be your own company being hacked into that violates personal security.  Any entity you are connected with or share information with can be infiltrated, putting you at risk on multiple fronts. Verizon released some troubling numbers showing 89% of breaches had a financial or espionage motive and 89% of phishing attacks were perpetrated by organized crime syndicates.  Hackers are feeding off lower positions in companies with spoof emails, which appear to be their own companies with identical branding. These attacks are not random-they are devised plans with specific targets. The article below gives a much more in depth conversation of these hackers and how to protect yourself and companies.

Source- http://www.riskandinsurance.com/new-wolves-wall-street/